5 Ways to Add Frosted Glass to Your Balcony

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Frosted glass might seem like a throwback to the mid-20th century, but, when used effectively, it can add a sleek look to modern spaces.

Better yet, it doesn’t have to involve buying sheets of frosted glass. So, if you’re looking to add frosted glass to your balcony, here are 5 solutions.

Buying Frosted Glass for a Balcony

Frosted glass has an opacity of 10-20% depending on how it’s made. As such, its main benefit is privacy, particularly on a balcony. Other than that, it’s great for hiding dirty or damaged glass, and can make a balcony feel much more modern.

When choosing frosted glass for a balcony, make sure you consider:

  • The opacity (more opacity is better for privacy)
  • Pattern – whether this will affect privacy
  • Cost
  • Durability – make sure you consider your environment and look at weatherproof options if necessary
  • Suitable for renters or HOA policies – some might not like frosted glass

5 Ways to Add Frosted Glass to a Balcony

1. Frosted glass balcony panels

The most obvious place to start is by replacing the existing glass with frosted glass balcony panels. It can be pretty expensive and obviously involves more work than the other solutions. However, it’ll give you the most resilient finish.


  • The most resilient option
  • Any glass product could be replaced with frosted glass panels


  • Expensive
  • Work intensive
  • Not suitable for renters

2. Window film

Frosted glass window film (such as this) is a sheet of vinyl with a frosted effect. It’s super easy to install: you unpeel the backing and stick it on the window. You can use it on glass balcony railings, doors and windows, but be aware that the joins might show.


  • Easy to install
  • Inexpensive


  • Not super resilient

3. Spray paint

Frosted glass spray paint (like this) is, on the surface, easy to use. You clean the glass, spray it on and let it dry. It’s water-resistant and can usually take a bit of abuse. Frosted glass spray paint will work on any glass surface. However, getting even coverage can be a challenge, and it’ll be really noticeable if you mess it up.


  • Inexpensive
  • Can cover as big an area as you need
  • Resistant to water and scratches


  • Getting even coverage can be difficult

4. Etching cream

Frosted glass etching cream (such as this) is a great product. You smear it on glass, rub it in and then wipe it off. The result is frosted glass! It’s not recommended to use on large areas, but that’s mainly because it’s difficult to get a consistent finish. However, you could use it on glass railings or to etch designs into the glass.


  • Easy to use
  • Permanent frosted glass option


  • Not recommended for large areas
  • Bottles are small – project could become expensive

5. Window decals

Window decals (like these) are largely the same as window film. The main difference is that decals will usually have a pattern within the frosted glass. You might find they’re a better option for a themed balcony, such as plant designs for a tropical style balcony. As you can imagine, the pros and cons are the same as window film.

Final Thoughts on Frosted Glass for a Balcony

Hopefully, one of the options above will work as frosted glass for your balcony. All but the frosted glass balcony panels and etching cream would be suitable for renters, as they’re less permanent. Of course, always make sure you check before jumping into a project like this!