5 Tips for Making an Outdoor Rug on Gravel Work

by balconyboss
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If you’ve got an outdoor area covered in small stones, you might be wondering, can you put an outdoor rug on gravel? In this article, we’ll look at why and how you can do this along with some tips for making it work.

Can You Put an Outdoor Rug on Gravel?

Technically, nothing is stopping you from putting an outdoor rug on gravel. It can seem like an easy way to flatten the area and make it more comfortable, but there are some considerations before throwing your outdoor rug on gravel flooring.

You might want to do it so you can:

  • Make the area easier on your feet
  • Use it as a seating area
  • Designate a separate space
  • Reduce the chances of weeds growing through

So, you can put an outdoor rug on gravel, but does that mean you should? Not always, but there are some options for making it work.

Tips for Using an Outdoor Rug on Gravel

1. Add some padding

There are plenty of materials you can use to pad your rug, but something like EVA foam is the best option. It’s thick and pretty comfy, giving you a much flatter and more usable area.

2. Be careful of what materials you use

Outdoor rugs will generally have a rubber backing, which is fairly resistant to gravel. Even so, synthetic materials (e.g. polyester or nylon) will be best for the rug because they’ll be more resistant to damage. Something like cotton could tear easily.

3. Also take note of the type of gravel

Something like pea gravel or crushed rocks should be fine, as you can even it out into a flatter surface. But larger stones or coarse gravel won’t be as easy to work with. You’ll likely feel the stones through the rug, meaning it’ll be uncomfortable.

4. Consider laying a protective sheet

If you don’t want to use padding, it’ll be worth putting your outdoor rug on a protective sheet of some kind. A poly tarp will be a good option, or you could even use a plastic drop cloth. Either will help protect your outdoor rug from dirt.

5. Don’t care too much about your rug

If you plan to put an outdoor rug on gravel, be prepared for some damage. As such, it’d be best to use a rug you don’t care too much about. The issue will be much worse if it’s a high-traffic area, such as under a dining table. So, the bottom line is don’t spend loads on an expensive rug because the gravel will ruin it.

Final Thoughts on an Outdoor Rug on Gravel

Putting an outdoor rug on gravel isn’t generally a great idea. But if it means it’s a more usable space, then go ahead. The most important thing is that you don’t use an expensive rug because, as mentioned, it’ll likely get damaged.

If you do want to put a rug on gravel, be sure to prep the area and lay down something protective first.