What to Know When Buying High Rise Balcony Furniture

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Choosing high rise balcony furniture comes with some unique considerations. Luckily, with the right knowledge, it’s easy enough to get around these.

So, that’s what we’ll cover in this article. Here you’ll find the best tips for choosing high rise balcony furniture, along with what you should definitely avoid.

Considerations when picking high rise balcony furniture

There are 2 main considerations for high rise balcony furniture: height and weight. Specifically, you’ll want things that are pretty heavy but not too tall.

This is because wind is one of the main factors when decorating a high rise balcony. It’s unavoidable, and the higher up a building you go, the stronger it gets. In fact, at 120ft. off the ground, wind speeds are double.

Along with wind, you must also consider safety. Tall furniture increases the risk of kids and pets getting over the railing, which, as you can imagine, isn’t ideal.

However, providing you always think about these factors, you should find choosing high rise balcony furniture isn’t too difficult.

Tips for choosing high rise balcony furniture

Based on the considerations above, here are some suggestions for how to choose high rise balcony furniture.


Chairs should be heavy so they don’t blow over and cause damage. There’s little chance of a chair blowing over the balcony; it’s more likely to damage things on the balcony.

One option is to go for something bulky like an Adirondack chair. Alternatively, opt for folding chairs so you can store them away when not in use.


Again, tables should be heavy and/or low to the ground. Coffee tables are a good option, as they should be small enough to not blow over.

However, if you want a dining table, solid wood is a good option. Failing that, sink the legs into buckets of sand to stabilize the table. You can also do this for chairs if the seats are high enough.

Rugs and floor coverings

Rugs should generally be fine on high rise balconies because it’ll take a lot for them to be whipped up, especially if your furniture is on them. But if you’re concerned about this happening, you have a few options.

The best is to use rug grippers. They’re meant for hard indoor floors but should be fine on most outdoor surfaces. Rug grippers might not stick properly to concrete, but they’ll add a bit of extra security.

Plants and planters

If you want plants on your balcony, use the heaviest planters you can find. Concrete, cement or stone (such as this) are your best options. Avoid hanging planters because they’re too dangerous.

In terms of plants, keep them small, or grow climbing plants up the wall (if you have one). You can also look for plants that handle windy conditions well. Generally, though, a better option is fake plants because they won’t be damaged in high winds.

Privacy screens

Privacy screens are a challenging part of high rise balcony furniture. You’ll want something that blocks the view but won’t cause damage by blowing over.

Either go for metal privacy screens fixed to the railing or something woven directly into the railing itself. Fake ivy is a good option for this. You could also try using rolls of reed fencing, proving you fix them down.


The best option for lighting on a high rise balcony is outdoor lights on spikes. You can then sink them into pots or tie them to things so they don’t blow away. Avoid string lights unless you secure them properly to your railings.

Final thoughts on high rise balcony furniture

Hopefully, these tips should help you pick out suitable high rise balcony furniture. Providing everything is heavy or tied down, you should have very few issues with your selections.