How to Paint Balcony Walls

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Sometimes, painting your balcony is all you need to give your space a new lease of life. Whether you’re redecorating, covering weather marks, or simply want to spruce your balcony up, the process is super easy.

In this article, we’ll cover how to paint balcony walls. We’ll look at the best types of paint, preparation work, and we’ll go over step by step instructions to fixing up your space.

Why Paint a Balcony Wall?

Why you might want to do some balcony painting is simple: you’re tired of how the space looks. It could be because:

  • You’re redecorating your balcony
  • You want to paint some murals to make the space more interesting
  • The current paint is weathered/faded

Whatever your reason, balcony painting isn’t much different from any other exterior painting project. If you’ve only ever painted indoors, you’ll only need to adjust your method slightly.

Things to Consider Before Painting Your Balcony

As with every project, there are some key considerations before you get started painting your balcony.

HOA/Renter Restrictions

The most important thing is to find out whether you’re actually allowed to paint your balcony. For most renters, the answer will be no unless you have your landlord’s permission. Sometimes, landlords will grant permission as long as you agree to re-paint the balcony in its original color when you move out.

For apartment owners, it really depends on your HOA. You might be allowed, but only certain colors. Always check before jumping into a balcony painting project.

Painting Outside

When painting outside, always use exterior paint. Paint made for indoors isn’t UV and weather-resistant, and often doesn’t have enough pigment to withstand harsher conditions without fading.

There are plenty of exterior paint options on the market, although you might have to shop around if you want a particular color.

Wall Type

Concrete and brick walls are the easiest to paint, but you’ll still want to use a primer to get the best color. Look for masonry paint, which is the most common type of exterior paint.

Wood balcony railings are easy to paint, too. Buy a suitable exterior wood paint, which is usually high-shine. Not only will it add color, but it’ll also protect wood from the elements.

Finally, metal balcony railings are fine to paint. Exterior metal paint is another common type, and like wood paint, it’ll offer some protection.

Don’t try to paint glass balcony walls. There’s little point painting glass, as it never looks good. You are better off with frosted glass. If you simply want to improve privacy on your balcony, check out one of our articles on privacy ideas.

Balcony Paint Colors

painted balcony wall

Choosing balcony paint colors ultimately depends on your style and plans for the space. White is the easiest color to find and goes with everything. But, it also looks dirty quickly, meaning you’ll have to clean it regularly to keep it looking fresh.

Gray is another inoffensive option that doesn’t show dirt as easily. That said, it’s a little boring and can look very dull if you use it too much.

Nothing is stopping you from using any color you want. You might have to get the paint mixed at a DIY store, as colored exterior paint isn’t as common. Going down this route is more expensive, but means you have complete freedom.

Remember basic color theory rules:

  • Light colors make spaces look bigger while dark colors make them look smaller.
  • Warm colors (reds, yellows) feel cozy but can be overpowering if used too much.
  • Cool colors can be calming when used properly, but can also be clinical and cold.

How to Paint your balcony wall

As with any other painting job, 90% of the work is in the preparation. The first step for balcony painting is getting your supplies. You’ll need:

Method for balcony painting

1. Prep the area

First, remove everything you can from your balcony so you’ve got room. If you can’t remove furniture, consider covering it with some old sheets to keep it clean.

Clean the walls down with a stiff brush to remove debris, loose paint, etc. Now is also a good time to remove old screws and nails if there are any. You should also inspect the walls for damage.

2. Repair and wash

Before balcony painting, you need to give the walls a good clean. Start with soapy water and a sponge, working from top to bottom. You should then clean any moldy areas with mold wash to kill it before painting.

Repair any minor cracks with spackling paste. Wait for it to dry and then sand off.

3. Prime and paint

Give the walls a good coat of primer. It’s particularly important for porous surfaces like brick. Also, bear in mind that rough walls can double the amount of paint you need.

Allow it to dry as per the instructions, and then move onto your primary color.

Always start at the top and work down, moving in vertical stripes from left to right (if you’re right-handed). This means you can catch drips and blend as you go.

Two coats should be enough, but if you’re using a light color or painting over something bright, you could need three.

Finish by cleaning your brushes in turps and putting everything back where it belongs.


So, now you know how to paint balcony walls. It’s not particularly difficult, although choosing the right balcony paint colors can be!