Is an Apartment Balcony Worth it? 12 Reasons to Say Yes

by balconyboss
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Apartment hunting involves looking at a ton of different options and weighing up the pros/cons of each place. It also involves evaluating the different amenities included with each location.

Some apartments have balconies, some don’t. Like for like, the apartments with balconies seem to be a tad pricier than the ones without a balcony.

Which begs the question, does it matter? Is a balcony worth it? Do I really need a balcony?

Like everything else, it totally depends on the individual. We’ve listed out 12 benefits to having an apartment balcony – if any of these benefits appeal to you, then you’re probably best to look for an apartment with one.

1. Fresh air = health benefits

There have been countless studies on the physical and mental health benefits that come from being in nature. Whether it’s taking a walk or simply sitting outside, getting fresh air can improve concentration, reduce stress/anxiety and reduce blood pressure.

You don’t have to have a large balcony to reap the benefits of fresh air. Even a Juliet balcony allows you to let in more air and sunlight into your apartment.

2. Doggie area

Dogs love being outside, and they especially love being in the sun. A balcony (with the proper dog safety measures in place, of course) allows your dog to spend some time outdoors without going on a full-on walk.

You can also get creative and set up a small doggie play area!

3. A place for smoking (maybe)

If you’re a smoker, and your building allows it, a balcony can offer a quick reprieve without having to go outside of your apartment.

4. Extra storage space

Space (or lack thereof) is always an issue for apartment dwellers, and balconies can provide some much needed storage space for those items that you don’t always use but still tend to take over your home. Check out some of our creative solutions for storing bikes on a balcony.

5. Another room

Mix it up and use your balcony as an office, yoga studio, etc… the options are endless!

6. Urban herb garden

Who doesn’t love fresh herbs? Apartment herb gardens are perfect because they don’t require much space to get started. Utilize even the tiniest of balcony spaces to start growing.

Check out our article on urban garden ideas for more inspiration.

7. Unofficial square footage

While it’s hard to pinpoint the exact amount of value that a balcony adds to a home, the square footage of a balcony space is never not a benefit. While it can’t count in the official square footage in a home, the size can be included (and featured) in a listing.

8. Reading nook

If you like chilling out with a good book and a cup of coffee or glass of wine, a balcony could be the perfect place. Add a privacy screen or some plants to make it feel more like a private sanctuary.

9. Social space

As we’ve already mentioned, space is usually at a premium in apartments. Having a little bit of outdoor space for entertaining can be super refreshing in all seasons.

10. Eating al fresco

Summer is for spending time outdoors, and what’s better than enjoying a meal outside? There are lots of options for setting up outdoor dining on a balcony, even for the tiniest of spaces.

11. Drying or hanging clothes

Dryers aren’t as common outside of the US as they are inside the US, and balconies can offer that additional semi-private space for drying racks or clotheslines. Plus, there are many ways to dry clothes on an apartment balcony!

12. Private BBQ area

Many apartment complexes these days have shared BBQ/grill spaces in the common areas. While this is a great perk, nothing beats having your own balcony grill just a few steps from your kitchen.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully we’ve provided a good overview on the benefits of having a balcony to help you decide whether or not it’s for you. Happy hunting!