5 Ways to Hang a Hammock Indoors

by balconyboss
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There are numerous reasons why you might want to hang a hammock indoors. The weather could be against you, you could be setting up a hammock-centered space, or you might have a perfect chill out spot that a hammock will complete.

Regardless, let’s look at some creative ways to hang a hammock inside. You’ll need a bit of DIY knowledge for some of these, so don’t be afraid to call a professional if you think it’s outside of your skillset.

Considerations Before You Hang a Hammock Indoors

Before we get into the creative ways to hang a hammock inside, let’s go over the most important considerations.


Hammocks must be secure enough to bear your weight. By extension, what they’re fixed to must also be sturdy. If you’re drilling holes, make sure you fix the hammock to a wall stud or joist. Never try fixing it directly into drywall.

At the very least, you’ll want a stud finder for this.

Renter Options

On that note, not everyone can drill holes in their walls. If you’re a renter, you’ll want a non-invasive option. Luckily, we offer a few below.

Hanging Correctly

Make sure you follow the hammock’s hanging instructions to get the correct angle and distance between points. It’ll vary depending on the hammock’s size, but should be the same as if you were hanging it outdoors.

How to Hang a Hammock Indoors

1. Hammock hooks

hammock hanging indoors

Let’s start with the obvious: hammock hooks. If you want to hang a hammock indoors and you can drill holes, they’re the most sensible option. Find ones that are weighted for at least 300lbs. To install these properly, you’ll also need some drywall anchors.

2. Ropes from a ceiling joist

hammock hanging indoors

If you’re lucky enough to have exposed ceiling beams, you’ve already got an easy solution. Simply buy some rope, throw it over the beams, and hang up your hammock. Give the rope a quick tug before you jump into the hammock to check it’ll take your weight.

3. Hammock stand

hammock stand indoors
image provided to show the hammock stand concept

A hammock stand isn’t one of the most creative ways to hang a hammock inside. However, it’s one of the easiest options for renters because it saves you from having to install (or drill) anything. They do take up a bit of room, though, so bear that in mind.

4. Chains and S-hooks

indoor hammock

Another option for hanging your hammock from the ceiling is with chains and S-hooks. Wrap the chain around the ceiling beam and adjust the height using the S-hooks. You’ll need to ensure everything has the correct weight allowance, though.

5. Vertical joists

hammock hanging with vertical joists

Some open-plan apartments have exposed support joists. As you might expect, these are ideal if you want to hang a hammock indoors because it basically mimics what you’d do outside. If you have exposed support beams, just hang the hammock as you normally would, typically with the included hardware.

Final Thoughts on How to Hang a Hammock Indoors

Hopefully, these creative ways to hang a hammock inside will be enough to get you started. For renters, the best option is definitely a hammock stand, particularly as you can take it outdoors when needed. Of course, if you plan to drill holes in your walls, test everything before you get into the hammock!