7 Ways to Keep Outdoor Curtains from Blowing in the Wind

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Although a light flutter in a curtain can be relaxing, knowing how to keep outdoor curtains from blowing up is useful nonetheless. It’s particularly helpful if you don’t want your curtains to knock stuff off tables or to be constantly blowing in your face.

So, let’s look at how to keep outdoor curtains from blowing in the wind. First, though, we’ll cover what you need to think about before getting started.

What to Consider When Working with Curtains

Generally, solutions for how to keep outdoor curtains from blowing up are both safe and simple. That said, make sure you think about these few minor points before getting started.

How the Curtains are Hung

This is important if you plan to hang something heavy from the curtains. Most curtain poles can take a decent amount of weight, which they should list on any included documents. Check this before you get started.

The same is true for curtains hung from hooks or fixed directly to the ceiling. Whatever method you’ve used, make sure it can handle extra weight.

The Curtain Material

Similarly, you could tear your curtains by adding too much weight or by fixing them down. Synthetic fabrics should be fine, as should heavier ones like canvas. The main ones to look out for are sheer fabrics, which are popular for shade curtains.

If you can’t find any information, just work under the assumption that thinner, lighter fabrics won’t have as much weight tolerance.

Wind Speed

Finally, you must balance the factors above against wind speed. Faster wind means stronger solutions, but also more potential damage to your curtain. After all, sheer fabric is more likely to rip than heavy fabric.

How to Keep Outdoor Curtains from Blowing Up

1. Curtain Weights

Let’s start with the obvious for how to keep outdoor curtains from blowing in the wind. Curtain weights are designed for this exact job. There are plenty of options depending on your curtain fabric and placement. So, for more information, check out our full article on curtain weights.

2. Magnets

This is a particularly good solution for balconies or other spaces with metal railings. Heavy-duty magnets placed in the curtain hem will attach to metal railings and are pretty difficult to separate. Plus, you can stick the magnets together to tie the curtains back!

While you could fix magnets to non-metallic surfaces, it would mean creating small pockets for them. As such, this is a better solution for metal railings.


  • Ideal for metal railings
  • Doesn’t matter how curtains are hung
  • Suitable even for strong winds


  • Curtains need a hem

3. Wedge behind furniture

A quick DIY option for how to keep outdoor curtains from blowing up is to wedge them behind furniture. For example, you could position a sofa or table in front of a railing and then push the curtains in between.

Of course, this won’t be as effective as other solutions. But it’s helpful if you’re in a pinch and don’t want to buy things to solve the problem.


  • Quick and easy
  • Doesn’t require extra products


  • Won’t secure curtains very well

4. Stake the curtains

If you’re trying to keep curtains from blowing around on a soft surface, try using tent pegs. You could either sew or clamp these to the bottom of the curtain and then stick them in the ground.

How the curtains are hung shouldn’t matter, but this will be easier on heavier fabrics. This is simply because lighter fabrics rip more easily, so wedging them into the ground is a bit risky.


  • Suitable for grass and soft ground
  • Good for heavy curtain fabrics
  • Can be used when curtains are open or closed


  • Not great for lighter fabrics

5. Attach a bottom hem

Providing you’re only dealing with a light breeze, sewing on a new bottom hem could work fine. Of course, it’ll need to be pretty heavy cord, but something like hemp rope would work well.

Simply sew this to the bottom of your curtains to provide more weight. It’ll be fine for lighter fabrics, but just bear in mind it could stretch the curtains slightly.


  • Ideal for light breezes
  • Adds decoration to the curtains
  • Suitable for lighter fabrics


  • Could stretch the curtains

6. Velcro

Adhesive Velcro strips are another useful option for how to keep outdoor curtains from blowing up. The idea is similar to magnets, but the benefit is that you can fix it to almost any surface.

Stick one side of the strip to your wall or railing and sew the other side to the curtains. The adhesive should attach to any flat surface. If not, you could always glue, screw or nail it in place.


  • Works on pretty much any flat surface
  • Could be used when curtains are open or closed
  • Easy to hide Velcro strips


  • Unused strips might not look great when curtains are open

7. Use plant pots

For another easy DIY solution, consider using heavy plant pots. You could either move these into place when using the curtains or create a barrier of permanent pots. Either way, it relies on the same logic as using furniture.

But, a benefit of using plant pots is that you could hide one of the other solutions mentioned above. For example, you could stick Velcro to the back of the pots or glue some magnets on. This would save you from having to fix anything to your railing or wall.


  • Works with what you might already have
  • Doesn’t require extra products
  • Pots can be used to hide other solutions


  • The stronger the wind, the heavier the pots

Final Thoughts on Outdoor Curtains and Wind

Hopefully, these solutions for how to keep outdoor curtains from blowing in the wind are enough to get you started. Unsurprisingly, the takeaway is to weigh or stick them down. In stronger winds, sticking is a better option, simply because there’s less risk of damage from flyaway weights!