How to Keep Outdoor Rugs from Blowing Away

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If you’ve noticed your rug or doormat trying to escape when it’s windy, you’re probably looking for solutions for how to keep outdoor rugs from blowing away.

Luckily, that’s what we’ll cover here. We’ll explain how to keep a doormat from blowing away and, of course, options for outdoor rugs.

Considerations for Keeping Outdoor Rugs from Blowing Away

When it comes to keeping your outdoor rug (or doormat) in place, there are a few things to think about first. These are:

Rug material

The rug material matters for 2 reasons. First, it dictates how heavy the rug is, as something like jute will be lighter than plastic. Second, it’ll dictate the backing material, as some are easier to work with than others.

Flooring material

Similarly, the surface below the rug or doormat will influence which solutions will work. For example, you’ll find it much easier to stick a rug to wood or tiles than concrete, which is often too rough.

How much you love your rug or doormat

This might seem like a strange thing to consider, but some solutions could cause damage to your rug. So, if it’s expensive or sentimental, make sure you only go for the non-invasive options. Generally, though, these aren’t as effective as more invasive solutions.

6 Solutions for How to Keep an Outdoor Rug or Doormat from Blowing Away

1. Potted plants

Let’s start with the easiest and least invasive option: heavy potted plants. Simply put a large plant on each corner of the rug to stop it from blowing away. Of course, the pots will need to be fairly big and, ideally, plastic. This at least means that if they do blow over the pot won’t break.


  • Easy to set up
  • Non-invasive
  • Inexpensive if you already have the plants


  • Won’t work for doormats
  • Pots could get in the way

2. Caulk

Let’s go from least invasive to most invasive. This option works for doormats and rugs and simply involves gluing it in place. Acrylic caulk works best for this because it’ll stick to anything. Run a thin strip around the rug’s edge and stick it to the floor.


  • Will keep the rug or doormat secure


  • Will damage the rug if you try to move it

3. Carpet tape

A good middle ground is carpet tape. It’s a perfect solution for how to keep a doormat from blowing away because you simply cut the tape to size. Unlike a rug, there are fewer options for keeping a doormat in place.


  • Can be cut to any size for any rug or mat
  • Should work well for all wind strengths


  • Won’t work too well on concrete floors – surface will need to be fairly smooth

4. Use existing furniture

This is another inexpensive option if you have patio furniture. Simply rearrange it so there’s something on each corner of your outdoor rug. It might not be super practical based on your space, but a sofa or chair on either side of the rug should do the job fine.


  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to do


  • Won’t work in smaller spaces

5. Velcro strips

Velcro strips are another great option for how to keep a doormat from blowing away. Of course, it’ll work on rugs, too, but you’ll need a lot more Velcro. It works exactly the same as carpet tape, except you have the benefit of being able to take the rug up. Plus, it should work on concrete floors.


  • Allows you to move your rug
  • Easy to work with


  • Velcro strips can be difficult to remove from a surface

6. Rug anchors

Rug anchors (patio stakes) are essentially long nails with washers attached. You hammer the nail through the rug into the floor to stop it from blowing away. It’ll only really work on wood, as it’ll take a lot of effort to hammer a nail into concrete. Of course, it will put holes in your rug, too.


  • One of the best solutions for wood floors
  • More secure than adhesive options


  • Will make holes in your rug and floor

Final Thoughts on How to Keep Outdoor Rugs from Blowing Away

Most solutions for how to keep a doormat from blowing away involve sticking it down. Of course, with rugs, you can use furniture or other heavy objects if you don’t like the idea of using glue or Velcro. Just bear in mind that any option involving adhesives risks causing damage to your floor, rug, or both.