How to Keep Cats Off Outdoor Furniture (9 Solutions)

by balconyboss
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Your options for how to keep cats off outdoor furniture will ultimately depend on your reasons why. For example, are you stopping your own cat from making a mess or are you repelling neighborhood cats from your outdoor space?

Below, we’ll cover options for both. Here are the best options for how to keep cats off patio furniture.

1. Set up a cat-friendly area

If it’s your own cats you’re dealing with, set up an area elsewhere for them to enjoy. We’ve got a whole article on cat-friendly balcony ideas, so check that out for some inspiration.

2. Cover furniture

Granted, this isn’t necessarily a solution for how to keep cats off patio furniture, but it at least keeps it clean. Use heavy-duty furniture covers that secure at the bottom. These should prevent cats from getting onto the furniture.

3. Cat repellent

For unwanted cats, simply use a repellent spray. You can buy products, but it’s just as easy to make your own with essential oils. Cats dislike:

  • Citrus
  • Peppermint
  • Cinnamon
  • Vinegar
  • Lavender

Mix some into water and spray on your furniture to keep cats away.

4. Aluminum foil

This is a bit of a random one, but cats hate aluminum foil. It’s an ideal solution for keeping cats off outdoor furniture because you just stick some foil to it. Save this option for winter, though, as reflective foil isn’t great in the summer.

5. Repellent plants

Unsurprisingly, you can use plants instead of a repellent spray. Any of the options suggested above work well in plant form, as do:

  • Pennyroyal
  • Geranium
  • Citronella
  • Scaredy cat plant
  • Thyme

Better yet, pollinators love them!

6. Water spray

To keep your own cat off furniture, consider something inoffensive like a water gun. Squirt them if you see them on the furniture and they’ll run off. Don’t worry, it’ll only take a few times for them to get the message.

7. Ultrasonic repellent

An ultrasonic repellent is great for keeping cats away. However, it works on all animals, including dogs, so might not be the best solution if you have your own pets.

8. Double-sided tape

Cats hate having sticky paws. As such, tape is a great way to keep them off patio furniture. You might find the tape leaves residue on your furniture, though, especially if it’s stuck there for a while.

9. Store your cushions

When you’re not using your furniture, make sure you put the cushions away. Of course, this won’t stop cats from jumping on it, but it means you won’t have any mess on your cushions. Plus, if it’s hard furniture, it’ll be much less inviting.

Final Thoughts

You should now have plenty of options for how to keep cats off outdoor furniture. In theory, none will need to be long-term. Cats learn quite quickly, and most should get the message in a week or two. Luckily, this means you won’t have a patio area that permanently smells of vinegar!