Balcony Bike Storage: 9 Creative Ways to Store Your Ride

balcony bike storage

Bike storage on an apartment balcony can be tricky – your space is already limited inside, and chances are that your outdoor space is pretty small as well. You don’t want to use your entire balcony space to store your bike, so what do you do? Below you’ll find some creative and space-saving balcony bike storage ideas.

1. Balcony Bike Rack

Perhaps the most renter friendly of all bike storage options, a balcony bike rack enables you to securely store your bike without having to drill any holes into walls or flooring.

Depending on your balcony’s layout and your space saving needs, you can find rack options that will store your bike either vertically or horizontally. You can also find options that will accommodate one or multiple bikes.

balcony bike storage
Image credit: Bikespyne
balcony bike storage
Image credit: vadolibero
balcony bike storage
Image credit: Delta Cycle

2. Wall Mount

Wall mounts like the Steadyrack Classic Rack are great space saving solution for small balconies because they allow you to store your bike vertically. This can be an especially effective option for narrow balconies which would otherwise be completely overtaken by a bike.

As an added bonus, wall mounts can even free up enough space on a tiny balcony to accommodate a small table and chairs.

balcony bike storage
Image credit: Instagram / steadyrack
balcony bike storage

3. Parking Rack Stand

If you’re looking for a simple and stable way to park your bike on your balcony (and are sick of leaning it against your railing or wall), a parking rack stand is a great solution. Some stands will require you to lift the bike into it, while others like this one use a very easy push in design.

balcony bike parking rack stand

4. Bike Tent

Bike tents or covers like this one are best for those wanting to keep a bike from being exposed to the elements. While covered balconies already offer some level of protection, bike covers are even better options for those who live in areas where it rains or snows.

balcony bike cover

5. Ceiling Mount

Ceiling mounts like this one use a pulley system to hoist and store your bike overhead. While they are traditionally used to store bikes in garages or sheds, they can also work in certain balcony spaces. You’ll obviously need to have a covered balcony to begin with, but make sure you check the product install requirements to ensure your balcony ceiling can accommodate before committing to this option.

bicycle ceiling mount

6. Furniture Mount

This option technically isn’t on the balcony, but it’s an idea for how to creatively use the space right inside your balcony door. A Steadyrack customer came up with a cool way to utilize otherwise unused space and mounted a Classic Rack onto a shelving unit just inside their balcony entrance.

bike mounted on furniture
Image credit: Instagram / flaviogarrisi

7. Storage Cubby

Storage units aren’t just for indoor use and can be paired with a classic rack to stylishly store a bicycle and other items on a balcony. It’s probably best to implement this option when it can be anchored to a wall.

balcony bike storage

8. Extension of Furniture

Who doesn’t love something that’s multi-functional? Peddler and the Roof created The Pergola Shelter which provides aesthetically pleasing bike storage underneath. The shelter can also double up as a bar top or place to put small plants or decorations.

bicycle stored under balcony furniture

9. Pure Decoration

When a bicycle gets little to no usage, you might want to consider turning it into a piece of décor. Here are a couple of ways that people have gotten creative.

bicycle decor
Image credit: Instagram / btnrob
bicycle decor


Bikes are great, but they can take up a lot of precious space when not in use. Hopefully we’ve given you some creative and space-saving bike storage ideas that you can implement in your home.

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