Balcony Room Ideas – 10 Ways to Use Bonus Space

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Balcony Yoga Studio
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Balconies don’t count in the official square footage of a home, but with a little creativity, you can transform this additional space into a functional area.

Here are 10 different creative ways that you can transform your balcony space into a separate area or room.

1. Bike storage

bike stored on a balcony

A balcony is a great place for bike storage because it’s safe, secure, and it will free up valuable indoor space.

When you’re dealing with a tiny area, however, a bike can take up your entire balcony, rendering the rest of the space useless.

This is where a vertical bike rack or similar solution can come in handy. Check out our article on balcony bike storage for more specific information.

2. Outdoor office

office set up on a balcony

The concept of working from home is here to stay, and for those who live in apartments, a dedicated outdoor workspace can be the perfect way to mix it up throughout the day. Who wouldn’t want to check emails while enjoying a fresh cup of coffee and taking in the views?

A balcony can serve as the perfect outdoor home office with the simple addition of a small railing table. Depending on your railing height, you can create a standing desk or pair your table with a counter or bar stool.

3. Food & drink area

balcony bar table set up for breakfast

A bonus to creating an outdoor office space for daytime use is that the same table can easily transition into an entertainment space for cocktails later in the day.

You can keep the space super simple, or you can consider some stylish additions to your space for extra ambience. Add some lighting, get a cool outdoor rug or add some comfy seating to the space. The options are endless!

4. Composting area

Lots of us are trying to be more environmentally conscious, and a tiny balcony can actually serve as the perfect space for a small composting area.

While there are lots of options for composting in an apartment, some people prefer to keep all composting outdoors, and all you’ll need is a small dedicated space to get started.

Get some hanging planters for your balcony railing or small potted plants for the rest of your space to take full advantage of the wonderful soil you’ll be producing.

5. Yoga studio

yoga setup on a balcony

If your balcony space is big enough to fit a yoga mat, you can easily turn your space into a permanent or makeshift yoga studio. Just make sure your balcony floor is clean before you lay down your mat, and you’re pretty much good to go.

If you’re looking to create a yoga space that you’ll be using more than once, you might want to consider making your balcony more private with the help of a privacy screen. Faux ivy, bamboo fencing or a fabric screen will work best as they’ll create privacy while also adding some attractive décor at the same time.   

6. Pet-friendly area

dog with doggie pool on a balcony

One of the biggest downsides to living in an apartment for pets and their owners alike is the lack of private outdoor space. Bathroom breaks require full blown walks and time spent outdoors in general is more limited than your pet would like.

Most of our pets love spending time outside and luckily, there are lots of options if you’re looking to dedicate your tiny balcony to your pet. There are DIY dog potty options, doggie play area ideas, and even ways to create a space specifically for your cat.

7. BBQ area

small grill on a balcony

There are few things more synonymous with the word “summer” than “BBQ,” and living in an apartment shouldn’t prevent you from enjoying all of those delicious grilled dishes.

Outdoor grills come in all different sizes, and there are small ones that can even fit on the tiniest of balconies for you to make the most out of the space.

8. Herb garden

herb garden on a balcony

Nothing is better than fresh herbs, and herbs luckily don’t require much space, making them an ideal addition to any tiny balcony.

As a bonus, growing certain herbs can also keep bugs away from your balcony and – by default – from your home.

9. Lounge or reading area

lounge area on a balcony

Sometimes we just want to put our feet up, relax and enjoy a good book. Maybe we even want to sneak in an outdoor nap.

While having a tiny balcony can be tricky when it comes to finding lounge furniture that will fit, you just have to be open minded in terms of overall layout and product selection.

Floor cushions / floor seating works nicely in most spaces, and DIY pallet couches allow you to make pretty much any dimensions work.

10. Water feature

The sound of running water is calming and helps to bring in a resort-style vibe into any space. You can add a standing fountain or tabletop water feature to your balcony to create this ambience and extend the vibe into your indoor space.

When shopping for a water feature, make sure you pay close attention to the product requirements. Some are super easy and just require an outlet for you to plug your water feature into, but others require a hose nearby.


Balconies can become functional bonus rooms as long as you’re open to creative solutions.

Hopefully we’ve given you some ideas to help you get started.