20 Amazing Halloween Balcony Décor Ideas

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halloween balcony decor
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The spooky season is upon us, and it can only mean one thing: Halloween balcony décor!

You can have some real fun with Halloween decorations, and balconies give you the chance for extra spooky themes.

So, whether you’re going for fall vibes, pure spooky, a classy or elegant approach, or a mix, here are 20 ideas for apartment balcony Halloween decorations.

Halloween Balcony Decorating Ideas

1. Hanging bats

We’ll keep it simple to start with our Halloween balcony decorating ideas. Hanging bats are perfect for filling up space, and you can hang them from walls, balcony railings, or tack them into the ceiling.

2. Lace spider webs

If you’re going for more of a classy them with your Halloween balcony décor, these lace spider webs are perfect. You can run them along your balcony railings or decorate your furniture with them. They give perfect Goth vibes.

3. LED candles

When coming up with balcony decorating ideas for Halloween, you can’t overlook lighting. These LED candles have the perfect spooky vibe thanks to their decals of ravens, skulls, and more. If you want more of a fun spooky look, try this glowing snow globe candle instead.

4. Window decals

Window decals are great as apartment balcony Halloween decorations because you’ve potentially got a lot of glass. They look great on your balcony door and work on glass balcony railings, too.

5. DIY spider web

If you’re looking for DIY balcony Halloween decorations, spider webs are a great place to start. They’re super easy to make with nylon rope or yarn depending on how big you want them. Follow this video for simple instructions.

6. Orange string lights

Orange string lights work for different Halloween balcony décor themes. You can combine them with other seasonal decorations or use them as a backdrop to your spooky decorations. Orange is the perfect fall color, so works with almost everything.

7. Cobwebs

While the spider web above is great if you want a really obvious decoration, cobwebs are better for filling in empty spaces. Placing them around other decorations helps to bring everything together, making it much more spooky.

8. Skeletons

All spooky Halloween balcony decorating ideas need skeletons, right? The beauty of using skeletons is that you can do anything you want with them. If you’re feeling a bit crafty you can make some grim reaper robes. Alternatively, cut them up and use them as dismembered corpses!

9. Halloween cushions

These Halloween cushion covers bring together spooky and fall vibes, making them perfect for use throughout October (and September). Embracing apartment balcony Halloween decorations is about more than skeletons and spider webs; it should completely overtake everything!

10. Chicken wire ghosts

One of the best DIY balcony decorating ideas is chicken wire ghosts. Granted, they take a bit more work than other DIY ideas, but they’re worth it. You can adapt them to your space, too, as you might only need to make the top half.

Simply get some chicken wire net and follow the steps in this video for information.

11. Fake pumpkins

Real pumpkins are great, but if you’re enthusiastic about Halloween, yours might go bad by the time the big day rolls around. Fake pumpkins are better as Halloween balcony décor because you can reuse them every year. The beauty of these fake pumpkins is that they’re white, meaning you can paint them whatever color you wish.

12. Pumpkin lighting tower

Following on from that, you can use fake pumpkins to make a lighting tower. The steps are fairly easy – in addition to the pumpkins, you’ll need a barrel planter, some paint, and a few minor bits. Once finished, it’ll look great on a balcony.

13. Witches’ cauldron serving bowls

If you’re having a Halloween party on your balcony, you’ll need appropriate serving bowls. Well, these witches’ cauldrons fill the brief. You can use them for candy, spooky snacks, or even cocktails.

14. Fall blanket

Some apartment balcony Halloween decorations are more fall-themed than Halloween. But, something like this reversible Sherpa blanket is perfect for both. Its deep orange tones scream fall, and it’s perfect for sitting under as you enjoy your Halloween decorations.

15. Halloween gnomes

Perhaps you’re going for more of a cute theme with your Halloween balcony décor. Well, these Halloween gnomes will do the job. They’re cute but still spooky and will look great on a coffee table or hidden among plants.

16. Twig pumpkin lights

Something like this twig light is great for lighting your other apartment balcony Halloween decorations. The twigs are wire, allowing you to bend it however you want, and the lights are little pumpkins! It’s also waterproof and battery-powered, making it ideal for outdoors.

17. DIY spooky candles

While technically DIY balcony Halloween decorations, there’s really not much to these spooky candles. All you need to do is paint some wine bottles black, stick taper candles in the top, and let them drip wax down the bottle. They give off haunted house vibes, perfect for Halloween decorations.

18. Pumpkin string lights

Pumpkin-shaped lighting is a bit of a theme around Halloween. These string lights are great for using on balconies because they’re nearly 10ft. long and battery-powered.

19. Wall signs

Signs are perfect for decorating walls, as these are often left out. You can go for funny signs or spooky ones, or fall-related ones.

20. Use white decorations

It might seem opposite to normal Halloween balcony decorating ideas, but that’s the point. Going for an all white theme (pumpkins, baskets, cushions, etc.) and then adding pops of orange creates a super elegant fall/Halloween look. Using wood produce baskets is ideal for pumpkins and other decorations.


Hopefully, some of the Halloween balcony decorating ideas above will get you started. It’s best to pick an overall theme for your Halloween balcony décor and stick with it. This stops it from looking messy and jumbled.

Of course, the best Halloween decorations will bring in fall themes so you can keep them up for much longer!