Dog Friendly Balcony Ideas

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Balcony Dog Potty
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As the weather heats up, most of us want to maximize the amount of time we spend outdoors, and for apartment and condo residents, this means spending more time on balconies and decks. It’s not just humans that want to be outside more – dogs also want to enjoy the fresh air and lounge in the sun. While there’s nothing wrong with letting your furry friend share your outdoor chair (they may even insist on it), there is a lot you can do to easily create a dedicated outdoor area just for them. Here are our favorite ideas.      

Dog Litter Box

Having a dog in an upstairs apartment means that you’re off for a walk every time your dog has to go. Adding a dog potty area to your balcony is a simple and popular solution for multi-unit building residents because it’s a convenient and accessible option for all times of the day (and night) that both pets and their owners will appreciate. Services like Doggie Lawn will deliver fresh, dirt-free grass to you regularly. Alternatively, if you’re more into DIY projects, you can also build your own outdoor dog potty.

Install Balcony Pet Fencing

Image credit: Kidkusion Heavy Duty Deck Guard Safety Net

Balcony railings can pose a hazard to dogs and cats, particularly smaller ones that can easily slip through the bars. Larger dogs can also get their heads or feet stuck in between them. Adding a pet screen to your space can address these major concerns, and there are a number of options to choose from. Installing a safety net will do the trick, as will clear banister guards if you’re looking for more of a see-through option. If you also have small children, you’ll be pleased to know that a lot of these options will also help to make your balcony more child proof as well.

Outdoor Dog Bedding

Image credit: Amazon customer images / Super Snoozer Durable Dog Bed

Dogs love to lay in the sun. They also love to be comfortable while doing so. If you have a dog that spends a significant amount of time outside, consider adding a dog bed that will hold up well in the elements. The Original Elevated Pet Bed sits up off the ground and is a great option that’s durable and easy to maintain. If your pet prefers something a bit more on the plush side, check out the Super Snoozer Calming Indoor/Outdoor All Season Water Resistant Durable Dog bed.  

Outdoor play area

As long as space allows, your balcony can be used to create an outdoor play area for your dog. This can include space to lounge, space to “do their business” or space for some playtime. Consider storing some dog toys outside, and make sure they always have fresh water accessible via a doggie water bowl.

Dog Pool

Image credit: Amazon customer images / Jasonwell Collapsible Dog Pet Pool

If you live in a concrete jungle, a dog pool can be an especially popular addition for the summertime if you have a dog that loves being in the water and enjoys a quick refreshing break. It doesn’t even require a ton of space. The Jasonwell Collapsible Dog Pet Pool comes in several sizes and features a convenient fold-down design, making assembly and storage super easy.

Add a Balcony Privacy Screen

Dogs can be territorial, and some of them really don’t like seeing neighbors or anyone pass by their balcony or deck. This can get pretty annoying for pet parents that live in a high traffic area and your dog barks every time someone walks by. Often times, the solution is to restrict the dog’s time outside, but adding a Privacy Screen can actually work wonders in these situations. Not only will it create more privacy for you, it will also shield your dog from any prying eyes (and stop their barking).


Balconies are spaces that can be enjoyed by both humans and their dogs with a little creativity. Hopefully this article has inspired you to add some of these easy solutions!