How to Create a Boho Style Balcony: 9 Chic Ideas

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boho balcony
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Boho chic is a popular decoration style that incorporates elements from different fashion trends. It’s perfect for outdoor living because of the kind of mentality it embodies.

If you want to know how to create a boho balcony for your apartment, you’re in the right place.

In this article, we suggest 9 boho décor ideas to brighten up your outdoor area.

What is Boho?

Known formally as bohemian, the boho style has had various iterations throughout history. It traditionally means an unconventional style, but recently has shifted to refer to outdoorsy/hippie fashion. It’s even popping up more in our daily lives as hippie girl names are making a big comeback!

Some of the key components of boho include:

Color and Pattern

Boho décor mixes color and pattern like there’s no tomorrow. The base rule is that there are no rules (this is its unconventional nature shining through).

Be ready to mix patterns and colors that clash: floral and tribal patterns and bright, almost garish colors.

Neon colors aren’t considered boho; you just want to go bright. If this isn’t your thing, look for boho décor in shades of olive, mustard, cognac, and terracotta.

Natural Materials

You can see the hippie influence come through here. Opt for natural and raw materials, which contrast particularly well against bright colors and loud patterns.

Some of the best options are:

  • Hemp
  • Sisal
  • Rattan
  • Bamboo
  • Wood
  • Lambswool/Angora rugs

Think Global

This is a bit vague, but that’s kind of the point. Traditionally, bohemians were artists who would travel the world, so they were always in the right place at the right time.

You can bring this into your boho décor ideas by mixing in “global” elements. Think Chinese vases, Moroccan lanterns, Persian rugs, tribal prints, and more.

The key is to add elements that stand out from your prevailing cultural style. Of course, the pieces don’t need to be genuine; you can pick up great replicas for almost nothing.

Opt for Vintage

Boho style is eclectic and rooted in historical elements. As a result, vintage pieces are perfect.

Sure, you might not want to buy boho outdoor furniture that’s old and valuable, but that doesn’t mean you can’t buy vintage.

Search around flea markets for old chairs and tables, as these often don’t cost much. Vintage furniture can be a good source of loud patterns and colors, particularly mid-century pieces.

Make Sure it’s Casual

If you hadn’t already guessed, boho décor means casual and comfy. It’s more laid-back than modern styles and feels more lived-in than the clinical nature of Scandinavian décor.

Using the suggestions above, make sure your boho outdoor furniture is one thing: comfortable. You should be ready to live in it from the moment you set up your boho balcony.

How to Create a Boho Balcony

So, now we have a better idea of what makes things boho, we can look at ways to style a boho balcony.

This article doesn’t focus too much on specific products that fit the above requirements. Instead, we provide the main things to consider when making a selection for that particular thing.

Boho Seating

boho style balcony

Seating is an area where you can really play around with boho décor ideas. You have so many options for embodying the style that it really depends on what kind of balcony you want.

Rattan is a good place to start because it fits the natural brief. It’s ideal as boho outdoor furniture because it’s weather-resistant (just be sure to bring the cushions in when it rains).

You could opt for a barrel chair if you want more of an indoor feel or a swing chair or hammock if you want to add interest. If you’re not short on space, Papasan chairs embody boho style more than anything else.

Using wicker or rattan furniture gives you plenty of opportunities to play around with color and pattern through cushions and throws, too.

Boho Tables

boho style balcony

Many of the same points apply to choosing the right tables for a boho balcony. You’ll easily find rattan or wicker side tables that are perfect for a cup of coffee in the morning.

If you want a dining table, wood is the best option. There isn’t really a go-to boho table, so use your judgment to pick a suitable piece.

Boho Rugs

boho balcony decor

Rugs are one of the best ways to add to boho décor. They’re perfect for adding color and pattern, and you can turn them into a comfy seating area if you want a really laid-back experience.

Depending on your boho goals, you won’t struggle to find jute rugs. But, if you want something with a different texture, there are plenty of vintage-style rugs out there.

When buying rugs as boho outdoor furniture, rattan or jute are best for uncovered balconies. For a covered balcony, you’re less restricted on materials.

A boho rug allows you to bring in:

  • Color – bold rugs brighten up smaller areas
  • Pattern – think Persian, Moroccan, Indian, etc.
  • Texture – woven rugs have plenty of interesting texture

You could even use smaller rugs as wall hangings to add more color to your boho balcony.

Boho Fencing

boho balcony

Balconies tend to be exposed and – particularly for apartment dwellers – don’t offer a ton of privacy. There are a ton of different ways to create privacy on a balcony, but nothing embodies the boho style better than bamboo or reed fencing. You can make your own bamboo fence or buy one.

Boho Cushions

boho balcony

Much of the style advice for rugs applies to cushions, too. You’ll have hundreds of options for boho décor ideas when it comes to cushions. Your picks will ultimately depend on the kind of seating you have.

If you’re doing away with seats entirely, consider a large pouf. It fits the comfy, casual vibes of boho style while adding color and texture.

Alternatively, cushions are perfect for bringing in other textures, such as macrame or jacquard, and patterns, such as mandala.

But, for true boho décor, mix in some plain cushions. For example, if you have a really bright rug and some patterns throws and cushions, throw some neutral or plain ones in, too. A beige pillow will really stand out against loud, bright colors, providing some great contrast.

Boho Plants

boho balcony ideas

There aren’t necessarily specific boho plants, but there are some good options for boho décor outdoors:

  • Boston fern
  • Ivy
  • Cacti or succulents
  • Parlor palm
  • Burros tail

In short, go for anything that flowers or has an interesting texture. Focus on the pots for your boho plants. They’re a great way to use vintage cups and bowls or interesting features like bust planters.

Of course, macramé plant hangers are ideal, too. Hanging these on walls helps create depth and interest on large flat spaces that might be lacking color or style.

Boho Lighting

Using lighting in boho décor is easy. It can add the global element, and soft lighting makes everything feel more casual and lived-in.

Candles are a good place to start. Mix and match different types of candleholders, allowing some candles to be exposed too. Your boho balcony shouldn’t be too bright but rather should feel soft and warm.

Moroccan lanterns are ideal for adding the global element, and they cast interesting shadows on the wall. You can find colored or plain versions, but it can be good to dial back the color for lighting.

Macrame and rattan light fittings work too, but don’t go overboard. You could also style your boho décor using strings of bulbs across your balcony railing and battery-powered lamps on shelves.

The key is to pick soft lighting that doesn’t have a single central point. Instead, use lots of smaller softer lights to create ambient warmth.

Boho Storage Units

Storage units in boho décor should look vintage or pre-owned. Shipping pallets are easy to turn into shelves and already have that pre-owned vibe.

If you want to buy something, consider bamboo. Bamboo shelves are inexpensive, easy to paint, and weather-resistant. That said, any treated wood is fine for boho outdoor furniture.

Try to choose wooden tones that contrast against rattan for another layer of depth to your boho balcony.

Shelving units are another good place to opt for vintage furniture. You can pick up old cupboards at flea markets, take the doors off, and treat the wood with paint or stain. Then, for that added boho finish, line the shelves with some patterned wallpaper!

Boho Throws

boho balcony

No boho balcony would be complete without throws and blankets, as these are perfect for that casual vibe.

There’s not much new to be said for blankets in boho décor that doesn’t apply to rugs and cushions. Look for knitted throws for texture, and use them to contrast plain and neutral colors against busy backgrounds.

On the other hand, blankets are perfect for adding the global element through tribal patterns or vintage geometric shapes.

When choosing boho décor ideas for blankets, bigger is always better. Massive oversized blankets help add that casual comfortable feel that’s characteristic of boho style.


The best thing about boho décor is that it’s one of the least restrictive decorating styles. You can basically use anything (and everything) you want and intentionally use clashing patterns and colors.

When creating your boho balcony, be sure to experiment with texture and finish, particularly on your boho outdoor furniture.

Only by messing around and trying different combinations will you come up with the perfect boho décor ideas.