10 Stylish Black and White Balcony Ideas

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black and white balcony decor
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A black and white color scheme is possibly one of the easiest to work with. The main benefit of going monochrome is the ability to throw in patterns and accent colors.

Black and White Balcony Ideas

If you’re looking to decorate your balcony, here are 10 black and white balcony ideas to get you inspired.

1. Custom Seating

black and white balcony decor

Building a pallet couch and painting it white is a great background for accessories. You could either stick to black and white tables and cushions or throw in an accent color. It’s easy to make pallet couches the right size for outdoor sofa cushions.

2. Canvas screen

black and white balcony decor

White canvas makes a great privacy screen for a balcony. If you’re struggling to find fabric that’s suitable for the outdoors, consider using outdoor curtains. Better yet, they’ll already have grommets for hanging!

3. Rugs

black and white balcony decor

Black and white rugs are ideal for making your balcony feel more cozy. A geometric pattern works great with a boho style balcony, or you could use a softer pattern for a modern Scandi style space.

4. Soft furnishings

black and white balcony decor

Clean white soft furnishings make any balcony feel fresh and modern. They look great against wooden, metal or glass railings, and plants are the perfect accessories for a pop of color. You can even hunt down some pots to match.

5. Incorporate wood furniture

black and white balcony decor

Black and white looks great against wood furniture. Importantly, it works against light or dark woods, and can accessorize synthetic materials, too. It’s a typical combination seen in Scandi designs but it works great for any modern-leaning balcony.

6. Paint

black and white balcony decor

If you’re going to paint your balcony walls, white is an obvious choice. It reflects light and makes a space feel brighter. Also, it helps make darker accents pop.

7. Umbrella

black and white balcony decor

A white umbrella can give your balcony a Mediterranean feel with very little effort. Throw in some geometric patterns, and your balcony will look right at home anywhere from Morocco to Italy.

8. Dark backdrop

black and white balcony decor

If you want to be really brave, a black backdrop can look very striking. It can make dark spaces look much smaller, but you can lighten it up again with some white furniture. Throw in some green and yellow accents to tie everything together.

9. Pair with natural furniture

black and white balcony decor

Rattan or wicker furniture is a great way to add texture and interest to bold geometric patterns. It suits boho designs perfectly and can add softness to hard iron railings.

10. Keep it simple

black and white balcony decor

You can set up a simple balcony seating area (for you or your kids) by building wood panels and painting them white. Outdoor sofa cushions are an ideal size for floor seating, too. Add in some warm white blankets and you have a great space for enjoying cold winter days on your balcony.


Hopefully, these black and white balcony ideas are enough to get you started. It’s a great color scheme to choose because it’s very difficult to make it feel cluttered or overloaded. However, it’s not impossible, so be selective with your patterns and textures. Unless that’s the look you’re going for, of course!