Pretty in Pink: 6 Pink Balcony Décor Ideas

by balconyboss
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Pink home décor is a lot more common these days thanks to the skyrocketing in popularity of certain shades like rose gold, hot pink and blush. If you’re thinking about bringing this trend into your balcony décor but aren’t sure of what to do or where to start, you’ve come to the right place.

6 Ways to Create a Pink Balcony

Whether you’re looking to go all out with an entirely pink balcony or just looking to add subtle hints of it to your outdoor décor, here are some great ideas for inspiration.

1. Accessorize with pink

There are tons of ways to accessorize with pink. Some ideas include:

  • Pink rug
  • Pink pillows
  • Pink wall hangings
  • Pink throws
image credit: tiny18_house

2. Paint it Pink

Go the traditional route of painting the walls, or be a little more inventive and paint the floor or balcony railing. You can even create a pink “transition space” by painting the entry to a balcony pink.

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3. Pink all over

Why limit yourself to just one idea? You can go with pink everywhere!

image credit: yasi_pinkarella

4. Pink garden

A pink balcony garden can be created in several ways:

5. Pink seating

Furniture cushions or the furniture item itself can be pink.

6. Pink privacy screen

Whether it’s a DIY screen or a set of pink curtains, a pink privacy screen not only looks great, but it can also be used to block your neighbor’s view.

image credit: tiffany_labelle

Final Thoughts

As you can see, the possibilities are endless for creating a pink balcony. Happy decorating!