9 Pretty Ideas for Your Balcony this Spring

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Spring balcony décor should represent everything that makes spring great: new life, better weather, and longer days. After a long and cold winter, spring is when most of us start using our balconies again.

Of course, some of these elements are harder than others to translate into outdoor décor, so here are some top spring decorating ideas for your balcony.

When to Decorate for Spring

Spring (in the northern hemisphere at least) officially starts on March 20. So, logically, you should put up your outdoor spring decorations before then.

February is probably a good time to start with your spring balcony décor, as it’ll give you chance to enjoy a final month or two of your balcony winter décor. Hopefully, by February, the winter weather will have calmed down, too.

Spring Balcony Décor Ideas

The spring decorating ideas below are general principles that characterize all types of spring decorating. Luckily, they’re simple to translate to balconies because spring is all about the outdoors again!

1. Spring colors

Spring, for better or worse, is a season of pastel colors, particularly pink, purple, and blue. However, you can theme your spring balcony décor around any naturally-occurring color because the season is all about plants bursting into life.

As such, green should be a top priority, but also warm yellows and oranges. Other than green, go for colors you didn’t use in the winter that represent warmer weather and brighter days.

If you’re feeling like a DIY project, consider painting wood furniture with pastel chalk paint. Just be sure to varnish it after!

2. Seating

There isn’t really a type of seating that screams spring décor. However, if winter was all about warm and comfy seating, spring should be moving away from this.

It might be time to break out the wood chairs again to focus less on cozy bed-like seats.

3. Knowing the weather

That said, spring isn’t super warm, so it might be worth keeping some blankets and throws on standby.

If you plan to spend more evenings outdoors, consider this in your spring decorating ideas. Look for throws or rugs that are warm but have spring colors or elements, such as wool or sheepskin (faux, of course).

4. Choosing the right plants

One of the best things about spring is how many plants come to life. So, getting your garden sorted should be a top priority in your outdoor spring decorations.

Decide what sort of vibe you want for spring, as it’ll impact when you start planting. For example, do you want color, scent, herbs, or a combination of all 3?

We’ll cover scented plants below, but some great spring flowers include:

  • Daffodils
  • Hyacinth
  • Iris
  • Peony
  • Lavender
  • Gardenia

You must plant most of these in the winter, so they can lie dormant before spring starts. December is probably the latest, but just be aware you’ll have some empty looking pots on your balcony for a few months.

5. Decorating railings

There are plenty of ways to decorate railings that bring in elements of spring balcony décor. You could fill railing planters with spring flowers or buy floral garlands to wrap around them. If you don’t have a railing but want to decorate a wall with garlands, use adhesive hooks to hang them up.

6. Spring is in the air

No outdoor spring decorations would be complete without the heady scents of hundreds of flowers. Sure, you could buy scented candles or diffusers with spring themes, but why not just grow the plants yourself? You’d be amazed at the difference in strength between a scented candle and the actual flower.

Some great scented spring plants include:

Granted, not all will be practical as part of your spring balcony décor. Roses aren’t always a great idea if you have kids, although you can get thornless ones. Also, there are plenty of smaller varieties suitable for pots. Look for hybrid tea roses, as these have a good balance between scent and flower size.

Similarly, you can find miniature jasmine bushes, as full-size ones are massive and quickly get out of control. The mini ones still produce powerful aromas, which can be the perfect way to finish your nighttime spring balcony. Check out our full guide on the best scented plants for small spaces for more information.

7. Overplant planters

If it wasn’t already obvious, most spring decorating ideas focus on plants and flowers. After all, they’re characteristic of spring and much easier to arrange on a balcony than baby animals!

Look for some oversized planters and stuff them full of flowering plants. Petunias (as shown above) look great in this kind of arrangement because they can cascade down the outside. Fill in gaps with daisies and you’ll have bright, overloaded planters that’ll last the whole season.

8. Bold prints on accessories

Along with using bright colors in your outdoor spring decorations, you’ll want to focus on bold prints for things like cushions and rugs. You can’t go too wrong with stripes and geometric patterns, but, of course, floral print cushions look perfect, too.

60s-style floral patterns can work well in spring décor because they often include vibrant oranges and acid greens, which mark a striking difference from the warmer, earthier tones of fall and winter.

9. Glass accessorizing

While not specifically spring décor, glassware works well with all the suggested spring decorating ideas above. For example, glass vases of different heights are perfect for displaying cut lilacs or roses or other long-stemmed flowers.

Rainbow drinking glasses are another way to add bright colors to your spring décor. In short, spring should be all about bringing vibrancy back into the world after the cold and dark months. Use it as an excuse to throw color around while also working with different textures and materials.

Final Thoughts on Spring Balcony Décor

Spring decorating ideas should focus on new life, color, and brighter days. It’s easy to have fun with spring balcony décor because it brings together plenty of workable elements in interior design.

Hopefully, these spring decorating ideas have gotten you in the mood to overhaul your balcony once the dark, dreary winter is over.