10 Amazing Artificial Grass Ideas for Balcony

artificial grass ideas for balcony

Thinking of adding artificial grass to your balcony area? Finding the right grass is already tricky enough, but it’s also hard to visualize how it will look in your space and if it will look good.

Seeing what others have done with similar layouts can be helpful, so we’ve compiled 10 stylish balconies with artificial grass to help give you some ideas.

1. Simple yet impactful addition to a tiny space

Tiny or narrow balconies are generally tricky to decorate since there are few furniture items that will fit, and you need to avoid making the space appear too cluttered with too many items.

Adding artificial grass is a perfect solution for a tiny balcony. It takes up zero space, adds color and often helps to make the space appear larger.

artificial grass ideas for balcony

2. Backyard on a balcony

Living in an apartment doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t have a backyard. One of the cooler artificial grass balcony designs we’ve seen involves adding fake grass, a seating area and a custom fence to make it look like a mini yard.

artificial grass ideas for balcony

3. Home escape

Apartments aren’t the only homes with balconies. Houses have them as well and balconies are typically found off master bedrooms or on rooftop decks.

Even if you do have additional outdoor space on your ground level, you can still take full advantage of any balcony space by creating a cozy lounge area that you can enjoy right when you wake up.

artificial grass ideas for balcony

4. Landscaped Oasis

Artificial grass doesn’t need to be the sole type of flooring used on your balcony, especially if you have a large space. Consider adding decking and decorative pebbles to make your balcony feel like several outdoor spaces in one by creating separate functional areas.   

artificial grass ideas for balcony

5. Doggie playground

You’ve let the dog take over all areas of your apartment, so why not add outdoor space to that list?

Our furry friends love spending time outside, and laying artificial grass on your balcony will make them enjoy your balcony even more. Who wouldn’t prefer to run around on turf instead of concrete, wood or metal?

artificial grass ideas for balcony

6. Urban garden

For those who love having greenery and flowers on their balcony, an artificial grass rug can easily tie the colors together to make the space feel more like a garden.

artificial grass ideas for balcony

7. Bonus room

With the help of a privacy screen and some cozy furniture, artificial grass can help create an inviting outdoor space that feels like more like a bonus room and an extension of the inside space.

artificial grass ideas for balcony

8. Green floor + green wall

Decorating a balcony wall is one of the best ways to dress up a small outdoor space, and artificial grass isn’t limited to use on just the flooring. Try styling your balcony with minimal furniture and pair the artificial grass flooring with a green wall.

artificial grass ideas for balcony

9. Simple and stylish

It doesn’t take much to make a small space look smart and chic. This balcony has incorporated minimal décor with wooden furniture and white cushions, and the addition of the artificial grass makes you forget that it’s in the middle of a concrete jungle.

artificial grass ideas for balcony

10. Play area

If you live in an apartment with children, why not take advantage of your balcony space and create a space that can also work as a mini play area for them?

artificial grass ideas for balcony


Hopefully these examples have given you some good ideas for how you can incorporate artificial grass into your balcony space. Happy decorating!

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