8 Red Flower Succulents that are Great for Décor

by balconyboss
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There’s something about the pop of red flowers against green plants that makes for great decoration. Succulents in particular work well as décor elements because they’re easy to care for and come in loads of interesting shapes and colors.

Better still, red flowers work with different seasonal decorations, and you can get succulents to flower at any time in the right conditions. So, here are 8 succulents with red flowers that are great for décor.

1. Torch Aloe

Aloes are amazing decorative plants thanks to their large spiky leaves. Torch aloe grows large red flower spikes, typically during the winter months. You can grow them indoors pretty much anywhere, but they’ll need a warm, dry and shady area outdoors.


  • Easy to maintain
  • Don’t need watering often
  • Perfectly happy with indoor humidity levels


  • Only mature plants will flower – it can take years

2. Barrel Cactus

The barrel cactus is one of the most stereotypical-looking cacti. As the name suggests, it’s a large ball covered with spikes. Give it somewhere warm and dry (indoors or outdoors) and you won’t need to do much to get it to flower. If kept indoors, it’ll look great in a terracotta planter like this.


  • Blooming doesn’t require any effort
  • You only need to water them about 3 times a year
  • Can add shape and texture to your décor


  • Spikes can hurt

3. Christmas Cactus

You might be able to guess when this succulent blooms. It produces abundant red flowers at the end of its stems, which can last for up to 10 weeks. You’ll also find Easter and Thanksgiving cacti that bloom at different times of the year.


  • Ideal for off-season flowering
  • Flowers last for weeks
  • Easy to propagate by growing individual stems in soil


  • Care pattern is more like a normal plant than a cactus

4. Burro’s Tail

A popular houseplant, burro’s tail will only bloom consistently if kept outdoors. It needs loads of sunlight and a warm, dry climate to do so. While it’s more difficult to bloom than other succulents, it’s something of an achievement when it happens.


  • Looks great in hanging pots
  • Flowers are very showy
  • Adds interesting texture and color


  • Getting it to flower takes a lot of work

5. Red Torch Cactus

Like the torch aloe, the red torch cactus grows fiery flowers at the ends of its stems. It can be kept quite small, and will generally prefer growing indoors unless you live in an arid climate. You don’t have to do much to get it to flower, but they’ll only last for 18 hours or so!


  • Needs almost no maintenance
  • Works best indoors
  • Easy to propagate


  • Spiky
  • Flowers only last for 18 hours

6. Orchid Cactus

So called because it’s an epiphyte (lives on other plants), the orchid cactus originates in tropical forests in Mexico. As such, its care regime is different from other succulents because it needs more watering and shade. They’ll be happiest in a bathroom because they prefer high humidity levels.


  • Suitable for humid areas that other succulents wouldn’t enjoy
  • Fairly easy to care for
  • Looks best in hanging pots


  • Epiphytes need more specific growing conditions than succulents

7. Echeveria Black Prince

This succulent adds real contrast to décor thanks to its dark leaves that are purple or black. When it flowers, it grows a long stem with a large bulb of red flowers at the top. It’ll be happy indoors or out, provided it gets plenty of light.


  • Interesting color addition
  • Flowering takes no effort on your part
  • Ideal in small, compact pots


  • Needs a lot of light to photosynthesize properly

8. Pincushion Cactus

The pincushion cactus is another stereotypical cactus. It works well in small pots and grows pretty crowns of red or pink flowers. While some guides will say it’s good for desks and small spaces, it still needs as much light as any other cactus to grow properly.


  • Great for small spaces with lots of light
  • Works fine indoors or out
  • Its crown of flowers is very pretty


  • It’ll etiolate quickly if not given enough light

Final Thoughts on Succulents with Red Flowers

Red is a surprisingly common color for succulent flowers – this list is just a small example of your options. To know what will work best, decide whether you’re growing indoors or outside. Most of the options above will be fine for either, but check specific growing guides for more information.